Leanne Lisbon

The Food Relationship Expert

Empowering women to heal their relationship with food, rediscover their motivation and shift their mindset, so they are naturally slim and free of diets for good

Vicky Murgatroyd

The Cancer Support Expert

Empowering people with cancer to return to optimal health through the reduction of stress levels and promotion of mind body healing. Because you are more than cancer.

Welcome to Hypno Works: Life Coaching in Perth, WA

The centre of the universe exists within your frontal lobe – we literally are the masters of our own reality. Our beliefs, values and emotional state determine how we interpret the world around us. If you want to change your external circumstances, the easiest, most effective and long lasting way to do this is by changing what is going on within your mind internally.

Our difference

The way you experience your problems is entirely unique to you – so we create solutions that are unique to you too. Through NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, we get to the root of old problems and efficiently and effectively move you toward the future you were born to experience.

By enabling you to utilise the power of your mind, you overcome long-standing problems with all the tools you’ll need to live a problem-free life on into the future, achieving things you’d have never thought possible.

Our team of hypnotherapy, NLP and life coach professionals work with you one-on-one to gain a full understanding of where you are now and where you want to be, and then strategise with you exactly how to get you there.

How hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching can help you

Whether you’re looking to action weight loss, stop smoking or supercharge your mind-body connection and your health, our coaching experts have exactly what you need. Available for residents of Perth , WA, and now available for Skype appointments and support, our life coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy specialists combine years of experience to create the emotional freedom, mindset mastery and unlimited potential everybody deserves to experience.

See what our hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching clients say about their fantastic results here.


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From working with Vicky every area of my life has changed. I came to see her for one thing and left with unbelievable improvements all round. I never knew that by fixing things on the inside it could have such a positive effect on my life. I have skills that ...

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Lisa. B
I am so unbelievably grateful that I found Vicky and the work she does! I never knew how holding on to stress in your mind and body could have such physical negative effects on the way you feel. I was also struggling with depression and really thought there was no ...

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Anne. G
What a turn around! My life before going to see Leanne was miserable. I had no motivation, no self worth, no desire to eat healthy food and 15kgs that I just could not lose! Diets were not working for me and finding the work Leanne does couldn’t have come at ...

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Michelle. L
Before working with Leanne diets had taken over my life. I had tried every diet I could think of and for over 7 years I battled with my weight that just would not budge. After going to see Leanne I realized just how much emotion I was holding onto that ...

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Chloe. M

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